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Are you having difficulty getting listed in the major search engines?                      
Are you frustrated by poor rankings for your web site in the major search engines?
Are you disappointed by a lack of traffic on your web site?
Are you ready to expand your business via a web site?

Your Search Is Over!    Get On The Web!     Get Listed Fast!     Get To The Top!
Slick Webz can help you expand your business and achieve the success you’re looking for with a website that is clearly targeted to promote your services or products. Getting your website effectively listed at the top of the major search engines is perhaps the single most cost-effective tool to maximize customer traffic to your website.  

Slick Webz offers a full range of web site development services including:

GET ON THE WEB!  Our complete Web Site Design Services include web page layout and design, graphics, images and Multimedia Support options such as audio, video clips, animation and voiceover.
GET LISTED FAST!  Our Search Engine Submittal Services will get your site listed on ALL the major search engines fast and effectively! We offer expert submittal strategies that will deliver the highest possible level of potential customer traffic in the shortest possible time.
GET TO THE TOP!  With our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, your site will be highly ranked in search results, so that the maximum number of potential customers can find your site. This point is vitally important for you to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition.

Major Search EnginesWith these key points of website promotion strategy implemented on your website, and, with our expert technical support, you will notice an increase in your potential customer traffic within days!  If you’re ready to consider your first website, or if your current website is not returning satisfactory results, now is the time to bring your website up to speed!

Our goal is to bring the highest possible level of potential customer traffic to your website, which is ultimately a key requirement  in your achievement of  success on the web!  Our goal is YOUR satisfaction!

These key points to success are outlined on our site on the Ten Point Checklist page for your reference.  Please check the steps in the checklist carefully, and assess which points are lacking in your current approach.  Then, if you wish to consider us for assistance in implementing improvements to your website, you can receive a free consultation by contacting us via our web site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

SEO is perhaps the single most cost-effective web site promotion strategy, especially when compared to banner ads and tile ads.  

The information content of your website must be structured and optimized to follow certain guidelines that the major search engine spiders follow in their process of crawling web sites to update their search database of web site content.  The optimization of your web site's content for these guidelines is an important prerequisite to submitting your website to search engines.  We can do this for you!

One critical component of SEO for a web site in the inclusion of rich content coupled with the judicious use of keywords, the search terms input to a search engine by a user performing a search.  

As an example, let's take the topic of "search engine optimization".  In addition to the search topic phrase itself, these keywords are highly ranked in popularity:   strategy, service, services, advantage, SEO, company, consultant, firm and specialist.

Search Engine Submittal

A key component of your overall web site promotion strategy is an effective search engine submittal strategy.

We offer effective web site submittal services that will get your web site listed within the top rankings in ALL the major search engines.

After consulting with you on the specific needs of your business, with regard to these key points and other considerations, we will work with you to develop a cost effective search engine web site submittal strategy that is focused on increasing the traffic to your web site, prior to performing your web site URL submission.

Web Site Design

We offer business web site solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of your business.  We give our utmost consideration in the creative use of art, color and design elements to provide you with a web site that represents your business with a unique and effective presentation.

Multimedia Support

Slick Webz also offers a full range of multimedia services for web site / website / web page / webpage design support including:
>  Audio
>  Video
>  Graphics & Animation
>  Voice Over
Contact us for more specific information on using the above Multimedia options on your website!  
Slick Webz 310 316-3549


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