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SEO is perhaps the single most cost-effective web site promotion strategy, especially when compared to banner ads and tile ads.

The information content of your website must be structured and optimized to follow certain guidelines that the major search engine spiders follow in their process of crawling web sites to update their search database of web site content.  
The optimization of your web site's content for these guidelines is an important prerequisite to submitting your website to search engines. This is vitally import for two reasons:

Websites must pass certain "inclusion criteria" to be included in the search engine and web directory indexes.  If the site does not pass these criteria, then the website may not even be listed by the search engine.
Websites must pass certain other "ranking criteria" to obtain a high ranking in search engine results.  A high ranking in search engine results, ideally listing within the top 10 search results, is important in getting a high volume of visitor traffic onto a website.  If the site does not rate well against these ranking criteria, then the website may relegated to the obscurity of a search results listing below literally thousands of other websites.

To further complicate matters, the guidelines employed by the major search engines differ between each search engine, and also change frequently.    Thus, it becomes very difficult for the average person to keep up with the rapid rate of changes.  

One critical component of SEO for a web site in the inclusion of rich content coupled with the judicious use of keywords, the search terms input to a search engine by a user performing a search.  In general, the degree to which a web site incorporates the  popular search terms, the more highly ranked the web site will become in search engines.

As one example, for the search topic of "search engine optimization",  which perhaps has brought you to this web page, these keywords phrases are highly ranked in popularity:
search engine optimization                      search engine optimization strategy 
     search engine optimization service        search engine optimization services 
     search engine optimization advantage    search engine optimization and SEO 
     search engine optimization company      search engine optimization company 
     search engine optimization firm             search engine optimization specialist
     search engine optimization consultant

As another example, for the search topic of "search engine ranking",  these keywords phrases are highly ranked in popularity:
search engine ranking                     search engine ranking optimization 
     search engine ranking service        search engine ranking services 
     high search engine ranking             top search engine ranking
     higher search engine ranking         top 10 search engine ranking
     improve search engine ranking       top ten search engine ranking
     improved search engine ranking     search engine ranking improvement
     increase search engine ranking      increased search engine ranking 

Slick Webz specializes in optimizing websites to meet both the search engine inclusion criteria and the search engine ranking criteria.  This can be via either of two approaches:  

Slick Webz implements the necessary modifications to your web pages.
Slick Webz works with you or your web page designer such that the modifications are implemented.

Please contact us for a consultation regarding you specific needs and requirements.  Slick Webz:  310 316-3549

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