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Slick Webz takes great pride in offering distinctive, artful and creative web page designs, tailored to meet the needs unique to your business, as well as the needs of your customers.  
Every web page is given our complete attention making certain that all details have been met to your satisfaction.  

Before beginning the construction of any new website, a meeting will be arranged so we can discuss the ways your website must integrate your business strategy appropriately, in order to ultimately return potential customers to you.   We will then review ideas and concepts that will represent your business.  Then we go to work and develop the most comprehensive and artfully designed website that has been customized just for you!

Important principles we consider in the development of a successful website include:

The site should be simple and straightforward so a potential customer can understand and navigate.
The site should load quickly and easily. The majority of users still access the Internet via fairly slow modem connections, and most people are very intolerant of pages that are slow to load.
A visual design that is clear and concise, and yet supported by the average userís browser is best. The latest highly sophisticated cutting edge techniques for flashy visual gimmicks should usually be avoided, as they are often very troublesome to browsers who often lack the latest required revision to view the page.
How to speed up "page load" time.
Having a website that illustrates the need to use or purchase your product or service.
The site should provide a "user friendly" purchase page or provide a "contact page" so a potential customer can reach you quickly.
The information content of the site must also be structured so the major search engine spiders can follow in their process of crawling web sites.

We offer expert technical support.  We ensure regular maintenance and updates as needed.  We provide you with the highest possible visitor traffic.  so that you will realize the rewarding benefits of  a successful website!

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